Commission of Women, Family and Youth Meet with Representatives of Youth NGOs , 3/22/2019

UNIW’s Commission of Women, Family and Youth (KAGE) had held a meeting with representatives of youth NGOs on 19th March 2019.  The meeting started with opening and greeting speech by Co-Chairman of KAGE, Dr. Rabiye Yilmaz. Then after some brief introduction, the participants introduced themselves one by one.

Co-Chairman of KAGE, Dr. Rabiye Yilmaz, make a presentation of International Family Institute, from its establishment and its recent activities. Following the presentation, President of Young UNIW made a speech introducing the Young UNIW.

Dr. Rabiye Yilmaz underlined that the concept of family has been consistently threatened by some international conventions and various platforms, and thus we need to protect the concept of family, together with its values. For that reason, we also need to consult young people on this issue.

In the meeting, the representatives of youth NGOs shared their ideas under the theme, “Family and Youth Cooperation”. The meeting had produced mutual insights, and it was ended with a closing speech by Dr. Rabiye Yılmaz.


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