Meeting With The Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Delegation , 8/1/2018

The delegation of the Alkhidmat Foundation from Pakistan came under the chairmanship of Muhammad Abdus Shakoor, Assistant Secretary General of Hindustan-Pak Region of UNIW, had a meeting with Secretary General Att. Ali Kurt by coming to UNIW headquarters on 01 August 2018.

The head of the delegation gave information about the activities of the Alkhidmat Foundation. He stated that they continue to work for the need of Syrian refugees in Pakistan and Turkey, the Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh and the regions of the world have suffered other disasters. At this point, he thanked the UNIW and other Turkish NGOs for their cooperation and emphasized that this relationship is essential for the improvement of the Islamic World.

Att. Ali Kurt expressed his appreciation of the activities of the Alkhidmat Foundation and stated that the relief project of the Syrian refuges and Rohingya Muslims would serve as an example to other NGOs and wished success for the projects.

During the meeting both sides expressed their commitment to continue cooperation in the field of humanitarian relief work in both Pakistan and Turkey.


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