AFAD and NGOs Consultation Meeting on Yemen Axis , 3/21/2019

Upon the request from AFAD, a consultation meeting was held on how to act jointly on the axis of AFAD-Kızılay-TDV and NGOs on Yemen axis. At the meeting, the President of AFAD Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu, General Manager of the Kızılay İbrahim Altan and NGO representatives were present.

The meeting started with a presentation about AFAD and Kızılay's activities on Yemen axis and the humanitarian situation in Yemen. During the presentation, information was given about the activities of NGOs working in aid activities in Yemen.

Afterwards, Mehmet Güllüoğlu gave information about the visit to Yemen together with the Deputy Minister of Interior and UNIW. He shared the details of the meetings with state officials in Aden. He gave information about the latest situation of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Ibrahim Altan also made a presentation about the activities of the Kızılay.

During the meeting, representatives of NGOs gave information about the problems in Yemen-based relief efforts. They underlined that they cooperated fully with local NGOs (mainly Islah, Baraka and CSSW) at the point of distribution of aid, and it was almost impossible to reach out to the needy regions without local partners. The problems experienced at the point of visa was also expressed. However, it was stated that the same problem is valid even for state institutions such as AFAD.

Later, it was discussed what can be done to coordinate the aid to be sent to Yemen. It is stated that Humanitarian Aid Platform which is a part of UNIW, can be activated on Yemen axis and UNIW can act as coordination center between NGOs and public institutions in this axis.

On this issue, Mehmet Güllüoğlu said, “We think that AFAD and Kızılay should form a bit more accountable structure that has its own coordinator. In the first instance, NGOs can come together on a narrower “Task Force” axis. However, UNIW can make a significant contribution to this process since it is an umbrella organization. Our idea is to establish a small structure consisting of NGOs with the most active and serious financial capacity and to include other NGOs in the system. It is necessary to coordinate all Yemen-based activities from a single center, to identify local partners and regions of activity and, most importantly, to ensure continuity of assistance.”

At the end of the meeting, it is stated that when this issue began to mature it would be contacted again with the NGOs.


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