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قائمة الأعضاء

Meeting With NGOs From East Turkestan

A delegation of 12 people from East Turkestan NGOs chairmen, opinion leaders and scholars visited the UNIW headquarters on 22 February 2018.

The delegation consists of Satuk Bugra Khan Foundation, Isayusuf Alptekin Culture Education Research and Social Assistance Foundation, East Turkestan Assosication of Turkey, East Turkistan Youth Culture Association, Uighur Research Foundation, Uighur Media Promotion Center and East Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association gave information about the problems and recent developments in the East Turkestan region under the Chinese persecution.

Secretary General Att. Ali Kurt said; The case of East Turkistan, which has been under Chinese occupation for a long time, continues to be one of the most important wounds in Islamic geography and especially in our country with great sadness and anxiety. The problems in the region are not only the people of East Turkestan but the whole ummah.

In the meeting, solutions were discussed for the end of the persecution in East Turkistan where occupation and oppression have been carried out for 200 years.