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Message from the Secretary General

Message from the Secretary General

The Islamic world need prosperous unity and towering cooperation like never before in history.

As our fellow brothers and sisters of this Tawheed had been divided for so long, throughout nations, races, languages and cultures; we should embrace the fact that we have countless shared ideals and myriad of things in common.

Thus this Ummah need renewal of spirit and glowing passion for collective rejuvenation. It is our religious conscience to enjoin the Muslim world to engage in acts of strategic progress.

There are too many crises at hand, and too many issues engulfing the Muslim world.  Be it either in humanitarian, social, politics, governance, economics or sustainable development; there are no one issue that can the solved by one, alone. It is up to us to work together and salvage the way out of this.

As we work in integration, in respect to the spirit of Islamic brotherhood, the Ummah will be most greatly benefited; just as Allah decreed, “And if you believe and live in piety, there shall be a great reward for you.” (Surah Ali Imran: 179).

It is like three Arabic letter, Alif, that if it were written separately, each would have the value of one. But when they were placed beside each other in a line, they carry the value of one hundred and eleven (111), and this is the synergy that we aspire to attain in UNIW.

UNIW is established for the exact purpose of unity. Each of us are bricks of a building. Our purpose is to ensure sustainable development, cooperation and coordination, among the NGOs of the Islamic world.

Through our current members across Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America regions, we would dynamically contribute to the emergence of global environment that upholding justice, peace, and stability; to protect the rights and liberties of individuals and societies; and to carry out initiatives that reflects Islamic culture and values.

Insya Allah, we will realize these aspirations in unity.

May Allah bestow His guidance upon us and grants us strength to serve the Ummah and the world, at our very best.

“We Are One Ummah”

Atty. Ali Kurt
Secretary General of UNIW