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قائمة الأعضاء

On the Occasion of the UN Family Day

Starting from 1994, UN had decided to proclaim 15th May as the International Day of Families. The importance of this day is underlined by the UN as the basis for the sustainable development goals. For this year, the theme is based on the 13th goal, “Climate Action”.

In commeration of this event for the 25th year, we had the opportunity to reflect on family issues, Let us recall and remember the warning of, “Can’t you act?”

What does a family mean? In today’s conditions, how do we define a family, what have we lost and what have we gained? Is it just a materialistic union? Just how much are we providing this institution, the main foundation of society that shapes an individual, with the durability and the attention it deserves?

Are we aware of what we’ve lost when we embrace distorted familial values? Are we aware of how to contribute and preserve the beautiful values already resided in our family culture? Although in our lifetime we see an increase in the rate of divorce that shook family unity, we also observed a relative decline in the rate of marriage.

Let us assess our concepts and values. Let us think about how strong the society will be with a solid and resilient foundation; where compassion, mercy, patriotism and collective responsibility drives the community forward and beyond.