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UNIW Meets with NGOs Representatives at Extended Secretariat Meeting

UNIW had held its 4th Extended Secretariat Meeting on 6 September 2019, at UNIW Headquarters, with the participation of NGO representatives that are operating in Turkey.

The meeting started with welcoming speech from UNIW Secretary General, Atty. Ali Kurt. Atty. Ali Kurt started by giving information on the International Civil Society Academy (USTA) Project, which will be carried out to develop the effectiveness of NGOs management in every aspect and said: “This project is becoming clearer and is currently on its way. We have the draft syllabus. We have 20 topics course at USTA. We had shared these details in our latest Council Meeting. We asked the members of the council, each from different countries, to recommend suitable panels with the capacity to fill these courses. Many prominent names were suggested. This project will not only benefit NGOs located in Turkey, but also those at Asia-Pacific, Indo-Pak, Africa, Gulf region, we would like to share the expertise from every region. We will do this in cooperation with a university. We are already in talks about this. In this program, we will provie theoretical training until noon, and field trainings through NGO visits in the afternoon.”

The participants found the training to be very comprehensive and underlined that the project will be very beneficial and expressed their thanks. The agenda items were then discussed one by one and detailed information regarding the activities that took place since the previous meeting were shared.

At the end of the meeting, Atty. Ali Kurt thanked the participants and stated that the meetings will be held periodically from time to time.