Humanitarian Relief for Development Society (HRDS)

Vakfiyetü'l Gavsi'l İnsani li't Tenmiye
وقفية الغوث الإنساني للتنمية
Humanitarian Relief for Development Society (HRDS)
(Kalkındırma İçin İnsani Yardım Vakfı)

Membership Number: 114
Membership Date and Place: 1 June 2008, Kuwait (5th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 2003, Lebanon
Area of Activities: Humanitarian Aid
Country: Lebanon
President: Muhammet Maruf

Short Introduction
The association was founded in 2004 in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The association carries out humanitarian activities in general. Its target group is poor families, especially Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

300-person orphanage center was built
70,000 food parcels were distributed to Palestinian refugee camps
Refugee schools opened throughout the country
3 Quran learning centers opened
Students were offered health care
5 ambulances were donated to the camps
A health clinic was opened
A sewing workshop opened for orphans
Distributed 16200 copies of Quran

Muhammet Maruf

Telephone: +961 170 6124

Update: 25.05.2019


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