Jil For Sustainable development

Cem'iyetü Cili't Tenmiyeti'l Müstedame
جمعية جيل التنمية المستدامة
Jil Society for Sustainable Development
(Sürekli Kalkınan Nesil Derneği)

Membership Number: 227
Membership Date and Place: 25 January 2013, Turkey (15th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 2007, Lübnan
Areas of Activities: Education ve Culture, Youth, Women ve Family, Law and Human Rights, Dakwah and Tabligh, Health, Humanitarian Aid, Other
Country: Lübnan
President: Daniel Hassan Basbous

Short introduction
There are activities such as social development, handicraft training for women, rehabilitation, sponsorship of orphans and children, seasonal projects on special occasions and holidays, in-kind aid, intellectual and cultural development, conferences, seminars, cultural events, conferences, youth forums and training courses.

Daniel Hassan Basbous

Telephone: +961 724 34 86
Email: basbousdaniel@gmail.com





  •  Defterdar Mh. Savaklar Cd. Emin Baba Köşkü No:1
  • Edirnekapı - Eyüp , İstanbul / TÜRKİYE
  •   Tel: +90 212 531 52 52
  •  Fax: +90 212 532 22 80
  •   Eposta: bilgi@idsb.org

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