Islamic Call Society

Munazzamatu'd Daveti'l İslamiye
منظمة الدعوة الإسلامية
Islamic Call Society
(İslami Davet Teşkilatı)

Membership Number: 45
Membership Date and Place: 31 December 2005, Turkey (Founding Member)
Year Founded and Place: 1980, Sudan
Area of Activities: Humanitarian Aid
Country: Sudan
President: Ata El Mennan Bakhit

Short Introduction
Islamic Appeal for Relief and Development (MADA) is an international Islamic voluntary charity organization established in May 1980, with its headquarter located in Khrtoum, the capital city of Sudan. The organization aims at promoting the social development in Africa, promoting the people of the continent socially, medically and educationally through its humanitarian rojects. Its governing body consists of 70 people which 10 of them are women. The first president of the organization was General Abdurrahman Muhammed Hasan Süvaru’z Zahab.

Ata El Mennan Bakhit

Telephone: +249 183 223 300

Update: 27.05.2019


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