Deniz Feneri Association

Deniz Feneri Derneği
جمعية دنيز فنري
Deniz Feneri Association

Member ID: 194
Date and Place of Membership: 19 February 2011, Pakistan (11th Council)
Date and Place of Foundation: 1998, Istanbul
Area of Activity: Education and Culture, Research and Analysis, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Turkey
President: Atty. Mehmet Cengiz

Short Introduction
Deniz Feneri is an association that aims to help everyone in need. In 1996, the movement started with a TV program called “City and Ramadan” it became an association in 1998. In 2002, we got ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. Our association aims to provide all kinds of assistance to all people without any discrimination. Our association with software to help organizations (YOP), Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) in 2007, has earned a distinguished service medal. With over 1 million donors and thousands of volunteers, Deniz Feneri has helped over 5 million people in many countries in 22 years. With the decision of the Council of Ministers, which was taken in 20.12.2004, it has the status of an employee who works for the benefit of the public and can collect aid without permission.

Atty. Mehmet Cengiz
He was born in Sivas in 1965. Mr. Mehmet Cengiz was a student at Imam Hatip School, he pursue his studies at Istanbul University's Faculty of Law in 1983 and graduated in 1988. He worked in military service at Konya Eregli between 1990-1991 and then he work as a freelance lawyer in Istanbul. He is a member of Susehri Imam Hatip High School Alumni Association and Sariyer Imam Hatip High School Alumni Association. In addition, he had served as one of Board of Directors for the Legal Research Association and as its Chairman of Istanbul branch. In the Fazilet Party, he served as a member of the Kadikoy District's Board of Directors. He became a member of Deniz Feneri Association's Board of Directors in 2005. In 2009, he was appointed by the Board of Directors of Deniz Feneri Association to become its President. Mr. Cengiz are married and has four children. He is currently working as a freelance lawyer in Istanbul.

Kazlicesme Neighborhood, 10.Yil Street,  Zeytinburnu, Istanbul
Telephone: +90 212 414 60 60

Update: 19.11.2019


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