Doctors Worldwide Turkey

Yeryüzü Doktorları Derneği (YYD)
أطباء حول العالم
Doctors Worldwide Turkey

Member ID: 279
Date and Place of Membership: 13 June 2014, Kazakhistan (17th Council)
Date and Place of Foundation: 2000, Istanbul
Area of Activity: Health, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Turkey
President: Specialist Dr. Yahyahan Güney

Short Introduction
In 2000, Yeryüzü Doktorları began to work as an international humanitarian organization focused on the field of health and has carried out hundreds of projects in Afghanistan to Syria, Somalia to Palestine, Uganda to Yemen, in nearly 50 countries to date, with donors exceeding 100 thousand and volunteers exceeding 15 thousand. In the journey it began by organizing therapeutic short-term health camps, it is continuing to carry out a lot of projects and programs from preventative health to psychosocial support, from physical capacity development to health education. Working with the mission to support people unable to access health services, which is one of the most basic human rights cling on to life, Yeryüzü Doktorları is prioritizing capacity developing and sustainable projects and programs with the vision of becoming the leader and competent NGO in the field of health.

Specialist Dr. Yahyahan Güney

Kazlicesme Neighborhood, Cinoglu Çikmazi Street, No:3 34020 Zeytinburnu, Istanbul
Telephone: +90 212 586 12 12

Update: 22.05.2019


  •  Defterdar Mh. Savaklar Cd. Emin Baba Köşkü No:1
  • Edirnekapı - Eyüp , İstanbul / TÜRKİYE
  •   Tel: +90 212 531 52 52
  •  Fax: +90 212 532 22 80
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