Al Aman Organization for Blind Women Care

Cem'iyetü'l Eman li Riayeti'l Kefifat
جمعية الأمان لرعاية الكفيفات
Al Aman Organization for Blind Women Care
(Eman Görme Engellileri Koruma Derneği)

Membership Number: 262
Membership Year and Place: 21 February 2014, Yemen (16th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 1999, Yemen
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Youth, Women and Family, Health
Country: Yemen
President: Sabah Ali Huraysh

Short Introduction
Al Aman Organization for Blind Women Care is a typical national non-profit organization. It is the first and only organization of its kind in Yemen and was established in 1999. It aims at
fulfilling total involvement of blind women (in society) by providing them with various educational, health, social and development services, all over Yemen. The Organization has qualified
women staff, through whom the Organization is able to provide many programs and services and improve the quality of life for blind women in Yemen locally and regionally.

Sabah Ali Huraysh

Sana’a, Yemen
Telephone: +967 714 656 786

Update: 24.05.2019


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