Association for the Inspection and Certification of Food and Supplies

Gıda ve İhtiyaç Maddeleri Denetleme ve Sertifikalandırma Derneği (GİMDES)
مؤسسة جيمدس للرقابة ومنح شهادات الحلال للأغذية ومستلزماتها
Association for the Inspection and Certification of Food and Supplies

Member ID: 119
Date and Place of Membership: 1 June 2008, Kuwait (5th Council)
Date and Place of Foundation: 2005, Istanbul
Area of Activity: Health, Other
Country: Turkey
President: Dr. Huseyin Kami Buyukozer

Short Introduction
GIMDES (Food and Drug Control and Certification Research Association) and the Association of Economic Enterprises (GIMDES Halal Products Research Institute) is a non-governmental organization established to conduct research and certification studies on halal and healthy products that we believe are the basic elements of healthy life in our country. Its research fields covers food, cosmetics and health products.

-To raise awareness of the individual and the general society on the need of halal food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cleaning products,
-Conduct studies on whether these substances are in good faith for consumption, in health terms, cleanliness and benefit, in terms nutrition, manufacturing process, whether it is necessary or unnecessary, whether it is used or not, to nurture conscious people and conscious society,
-Providing projects to private and legal institutions and organizations, government and parliamentary bodies,
-Developing individual and social awareness on basic necessities such as foodstuffs, cleaning and cosmetic products and medicines, and carrying out studies to provide certification and control over these kinds of necessities. conducting educational and similar activities,
-To expand and activate the service framework by combining the strengths of the people who are working on substances used in food and supplies, healthcare and cleaning materials, project providers or those who want to be in production.

Dr. Huseyin Kami Buyukozer
In 1963, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University as an engineer. He received his PhD degree from Ege University in 1981. Between 1968-1984 he worked as an instructor at Yukselis Engineering High School, Ankara and Elazig Engineering and Architecture Academy and at Gazi University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. Between 1981 and 1984 he made academic studies for associate professorship at Bochum University, Germany. Between the years of 1974-1979 he served as the head of the Industrial Department of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, as an undersecretary. During his tenure at the Ministry, he represented the Ministry of Industry and Technology in trade talks with Soviet Russia, Libya and Albania in Joint Commission meetings, RCD (CENTO) and NATO Industry Committees, and in Brazil. He was engaged in trade between 1984-1998. In 1999, he started to work in. He worked as deputy general manager, consultant and research laboratory manager. He has been instrumental in continuing research on the subjects he encountered in formal institutions and the issues he faced in fabricated foods during his three-year stay in Germany. Several articles have been published in various publications. He makes speeches at conferences organized by various institutions.

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