30th Council Meeting


30th Council Meeting

30th Council Meeting

UNIW 30th Council Meeting was held online with the participation of council members.

Meeting started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Dr. Abdulraqeb Abdullah Hussein Obad. After UNIW Secretary General Atty. Ali Kurt shared the agenda topics.

In the continuation of his speech, Kurt gave information about the action plan of the 29th Council meeting and the developments done after the meeting. Then, he gave detailed information about the 4th International NGO Fair that we will organize online. Mr. Kurt said, “It is clear that face-to-face meetings cannot be held during the pandemic period”. We have completed our working to organize the 4th International NGO Fair online. We believe that we can organize a more effective, interactive and sustainable fair by providing individual stands to everyone. Later UNIW General Coordinator made a presentation about the activities of the International Family Institute.

He presented a detailed report on the desk meetings held within the scope of International Family Institute and also shared the action plans of the meetings.

In the continuation of the meeting, Mr. Hakan Musab Aydın president of Humanitarian Aid Platform informed the participants about the platform activities and presented the report of visits to the institutions.

Young UNIW President Serdar Bayram said that we will organize an International Youth Gathering under the title of “Digital World After Covid-19” and shared the details of the program.

Afterwards, the participants shared their opinions about the agenda topics and the 4th NGO Fair. They stated that holding the fair online would be the first in this field and they appreciated.

The meeting ended with receiving of the suggestions and closing prayer.