About the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World


“The International Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World: Searching for a New Vision in a Changing World” was organized on 1st of May 2005, with the participation of more than three hundred non-governmental organizations from 40 countries, in Istanbul.

Among the prominent speakers of the conference are the Speaker of Turkish Parliament Mr. Bülent Arınç and Turkish Foreign Minister, Mr.Abdullah Gül.

In the last session of the Conference, a discussion was conducted over the draft for the establishment of The Union of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World (UNIW). And after further deliberations, the respective NGOs representatives voted to accept the draft and initiating the formation of UNIW.

For the first three-year tenure, Necmi Sadıkoğlu was elected as the first Secretary General of UNIW and Atty. Ali Kurt was appointed as the Turkey representative to the Union. Istanbul was also chosen to be the location for its headquarters. Later on, by 31st December 2005, UNIW was officially founded by the Cabinet Decree, under the provisions of Act No.3335 regarding the Foundation of Organizations Having International Characteristic.

In UNIW 5th General Assembly Meeting in 2012, Atty. Ali Kurt was elected as UNIW Secretary General and had continue providing his diligent service ever since. Mr.Eyüp Akbal is the current Turkey Representative.

UNIW currently has 354 members from 66 countries.

Our Mission

Ensuring cooperation and coordination between non-governmental organizations of the Islamic world by considering their constitutional systems; developing common reflexes and obtaining advantages by ensuring knowledge, experience and views between the organizations based on the objective of the Union;

Making the efforts for a better world in cooperation with all non-governmental organizations, which aim a safer and restful world;

Making the required structural arrangements for these purposes, opening the required branches, subunits and representatives;

Ensuring participation to international mechanisms effectively together with the member organizations;

Generalizing the programs, which are deemed as proper relating to the voluntary organizations, and participating to all organizations relevant to them and supporting them; setting up collective working teams; establishing research institutions; arranging training programs;

Contributing to the solutions of the problems relating to the Islamic world collectively;

Following developments and crisis regions relevant to the areas in which the Union interested, determining a common attitude to the developed events and the changes by ensuring participation of the member organizations; developing projects; obtaining the required initiative, setting up monitoring committees when required;

Making activities for introducing the Islamic culture and civilization and for preventing all types of discriminations;

Supporting all local, regional and international attempts targeting establishing cooperation and solidarity in the Islamic world;

Helping those, who are in difficulties and have experienced damages and troubles from wars and disasters when required in cooperation with local or international charitable institutions.

Our Vision

Ensuring sustainable development, consolidation and coordination between non-governmental organizations of the Islamic world;

Contributing to establishing just, peaceful and stable environments all around the world;

Protecting the individuals’ and societies’ principle rights and freedoms;

Performing technical and social studies based on participant and pluralist principles for developing the civil society cooperatively;

Performing activities introducing Islamic culture and values.


The Unity

In order to direction of verses of Qur’an; “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided” (3:103), UNIW created the unity project under its umbrella. It gathers NGOs as socially organized union which working in accordance with different purposes in various parts of the Islamic World, it gives opportunity to meet NGOs each other, and creates environment of solidarity.


In order to direction of verses; “Their affairs are decided after due consultation among themselves”, UNIW creates a basis for a broad consultation throughout the Islamic world, and builds bridges between past, today and the future of the Islamic geography,

Cooperation Between NGOs

In order to hadith of Prophet (saw); “Verily, the believers are like a structure of a building”, UNIW creates awareness about all the education, socio-cultural and economic works done in UNIW with the cooperation of other NGOs and spread it to all NGOs, and it keeps track of attendance of the activities and provide support,

Global Network

UNIW get involved in a global network where it can announce to the world the works done within the body of UNIW. It can provide economical and spiritual support from more than 300 NGOs from 63 countries. It may reach various of regions and accesses data, it may give benefit to other NGOs from its experience and it may guide other NGOs for opening up to the world,

Effective International Representation

It makes contribution for the works done in international decision making organization such as UN, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) within the bounds of our own values,

Together Stand Upright

It stands upright altogether with the consciousness of companions of the prophet (saw), against to the western world which want to weaken the Islamic World by their dirty tricks and try to separate it from each other although they are unions among themselves. It defends our values and provides justice against oppression and inequity against world public opinion,

Union Under an Umbrella Organization

To be able to operate under umbrella organization in the fields which requires institutional reflex and competitive capability?

Joint Organizations

It can manage the programs in an effective and powerful way with the support of other organizations,

Recognition of our Islamic Geography

It brings into contacts with other NGOs by participating in their program in different regions and visiting their countries,

Effective Lobbying

It generates pressure against political, economic and social structures, provides dawah activities and lobbying,

Provide Common Mindand Memory With Its Institutive Experiences

UNIW provides joint programs between organizations and institution of UNIW members which Works in the same field, it merges activities, collaborates and contributes to the institutional know ledge and provides benefit from the experiences of sister organizations,

Visionary Outlook

It strengthens the Muslim World with an approach which embraces all the Muslims in one union as a large family and provides morale booster with a portfolio for our members, also invest in the future of our generation.

Membership Reference

Your activities can be more effective with the referential support of UNIW membership when needed,

Get solution-oriented contribution from each member

By taking part in UNIW, you may work with us in our studies such as development projects, women, families and youth, humanitarian assistance, human rights and freedoms, education and social affairs,

World brand

UNIW creates a world brand in order to overcome the lack of solidarity between Muslim countries, and builds a powerful structure with a spirit of unity among us,


It creates solutions for the challenges ahead us as a Muslim Word and proceeds the problem files. It provides a basis for cooperation under the same roof and helps to the nations in their struggle for life,

Develop Joint Projects

It develops joint projects between NGOs and by doing so, we could share our experiences and get benefit from the experiences of other entities and we could find solutions for important issues,

Ummah Consciousness

Our purpose is to create an ummah consciousness between NGOs and members and leave behind a solid bridge to our generation as a charity by connecting with Muslims all over the World.