Message from the Secretary General


Message from the Secretary General

The islamic world, needs unity and cooperation as it was never before in its history.

The member of the religion of Tawhid, have been dispersed like the beads of a broken paternoster since the last century despite the fact that they have several common points in the axis of one god, one messenger and one book!

The dead Umma badly needs a new spirit and a passion of resurrection.

Our Lord decreed, “you are the preponderant, if you believe”

In this vein, we are in the days of revitalizing our values and rebuilding our own dynamics instead of complaining of deplorable conditions surrounding us.

There too many problems around us but we know that none of them is unsolvable. We are the ones who will open the way out, not the others.

Message from the Secretary General

Three Elifs have the value of three if they are separate. But if the same elifs come together in same line, their value and power will be in 111.

The idealist followers of this umma have to come together in way of the same objective, and direction and reunite the two ends of the paternoster.

Because Islamic Unity, which is always a religious obligation, is especially a must in this period.

Elhamdulillah, the inheritors of a magnificient civilization from Jakarta to Istanbul; from Astana to Bagdhat, Damascus; from Mecca and Medina to Cairo, Trablous, Dar-ı Beyza take care of the trust given to them with this spirit against all these obstacles.

Instead of artificial boundaries, they come together with the understanding of magnificient surrounding of the their own cultural geography with a acute smell of brotherhood.

We hope that Cenab-ı Hakk will help us to succeed in this endeavor of unity and cooperation despite all centers of evils.

The unity of the NGOS of the Islamic World (UNIW) is a movement shaped in this idealist direction. It a mobilization of Tawheed.

This geography needs and is obliged to know each other, to develop sustainable projects together, to take ownership of its garden and determine its own future.

In todays’ conjoncture, the international power centers, want to design a weak geography, divided into small parts and open to foreign influences, to share all wealth through their own maps and especially to rule the resources and corridors of energy and raw materials.

5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, have formed a new world order based completely on their own selfish interests.

Unfortunately, it is our world, that has been the greatest victim and target of this establisment. Just think about Hifulfudul. Where is this body which stood uprightly for the victims and by the Messenger (ASM), who, even after Nubuvvet, said that “ I would have supported it today”, and where is the UN which paves way for the international injustices.

Our people which stayed very poor despite their rich resources can recover only by joining forces and a serious and qualified education movement.

Disagreement does not bode well with the members of the religion of Tawheed. The inheritors of this magnificient civilization defined by the Messenger (ASM) as the “One Umma, one nation” must ensure this unity and cooperation.

The UNIW, is a project of unity, established for this purpose. We are the stones a a building. Our purpose is to ensure sustainable development, unity, coordination, among the NGOs of the Islamic world, to contribute to the emergence of an environment of the justice, peace, and stability all around the world; to protect the rights and liberties of individuals and societies; to carry out activities in order to present Islamic culture and values.

Insaallah, we will reach to these aims in unity.

May Our Lord Help us in this holy path.