8th Ordinary Elective General Assembly Meeting


8th Ordinary Elective General Assembly Meeting

8th Ordinary Elective General Assembly Meeting

The 8th Ordinary Elective General Assembly of The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World (UNIW) was held on Friday, December 08, 2017 in Istanbul, Topkapı, Fatih, Akgün Hotel.

Upon the determination that the number of the meeting was sufficient, Secretary General Ali Kurt made the opening speech of the General Assembly and held a meeting with the Presidency of the Court to manage the meeting. Necati Ceylan, Deputy Chairman of the Divan Av. Hamza Akbulut, Deputy Chairman of the Divan Av. Mehmet Cengiz, Attorney at Profession Av. Ayhan was brought unanimously and the Council of the Sojourn was established.

Following the negotiation of the day and the determination of the Union, the activity report of the Union was read and evaluated and the activities of the UNIW Secretariat and the Council were passed. Later, the Union Budget and Audit Report read by UNIW Financial Consultant Cengiz Bayındır was dismissed by members of the general assembly.

The agenda of the General Assembly Meeting was accepted as a request to add the clause titled “Jerusalem is ours” and made speeches in support of UNIW plenary members from different countries of the world to Jerusalem.

In this elective general assembly, the General Secretariat of the Union, Av. Ali Kurt was re-elected. The Secretary General thanked the members for their talk and gave information about the projects that were carried out last term and planned for the new period.

Subsequently, the Union’s amendment to the regulation was submitted to the members of the general assembly and approved.

In the 8th elective general assembly held in this frame, evaluations were carried out within the frame of strategic targets for the new turnover as well as evaluations from past periods, and the International Academy of Sciences (USTA), the International Family Institute (UAE), the Kashmir Conference, the International Arakan Humanitarian Aid Consortium ), and International Youth Gatherings (IYG).

The meeting ended after the members of the General Assembly discussed the issues such as the implementation calendar and financing of the UNIW projects.