The heinous coup attempt that we faced before our President and our Government on the night of July 15 caused a great indignation not only in our country, but also in the entire Islamic world, among friends of Turkey.

As the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World, we visited the Presidency, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Prime Ministry, the Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Relative Communities, with a delegation attended by representatives of national and international member institutions and members of the media, in order to wish them well and convey our messages of support on behalf of the entire Islamic World.

South Africa, Maldives, Yemen, Macedonia, Malaysia, Iraq, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, Syria, USA, England, Kazakhstan, Australia, Lebanon, Albania, Egypt, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Spain, Morocco, Sudan, Qatar, India, Bangladesh, Somalia, Bosnia, Libya, Lebanon, Chad, Germany, Mauritania, Kenya, Serbia, Palestine and Cambodia.

In this organization, which we coordinated with the Prime Ministry General Directorate of Press and Information and the Public Diplomacy Coordinator, the guest delegation from abroad was accompanied by our presidents of TGTV, Palestine Platform, International Business Forum, Müsiad, International Lawyers Union and ASSAM.

Speakers who took the floor at the meetings stated that the July 15 coup attempt caused great indignation among Muslims in their own countries and that they fully supported Turkey in the fight against this treacherous organization. In addition, they exchanged views on how to deal with this insidious structure.

During the visit, which started with a seminar where our guests were informed about the latest developments in Turkey, the July 15 coup attempt and the treacherous structure behind it were introduced in detail. Representatives from each region were given the right to speak and mutual consultations and evaluations were made.

At the meeting, UNIW Secretary General Ali Kurt started his speech by thanking the guests and said, “As always, the international public did not want to understand this coup attempt, in which we inflicted more than two hundred martyrs and thousands of wounded, with double standards and insensitivity that never surprises us, as in Egypt, Syria and Yemen. In return for this insensitivity of the Western world, you shared our troubles in your hearts. We thank you for being with us with your sincere prayers with the consciousness of an ummah and for accepting our invitation.”

KDK Coordinator Ali Osman Öztürk greeted the participants from all corners of the Islamic world and said, “We had a very painful experience, but after every darkness there is a light. Our Lord showed us this in this event and blessed us with victory. The Western world has approached this coup attempt from an Islamophobic point of view and has turned into 'Turkeyphobia' and 'Erdoganphobia'.

Emphasizing the importance of the struggle on 15 July in his speech, Deputy Director General of Press and Information İ. Mansur Özdemir said, “The İzzet dress is the most beautiful of all dresses. May Allah accept our dignified stance in his office. The martyrs of Jerusalem, Rabia and July 15 are brothers.” used the phrases.

Later, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Mr. Numan Kurtulmuş was visited in Çankaya Mansion. After the speech of thanks by our Secretary General, Mr. Ali Kurt, Mr. Kurtulmus gave information about the Turkish State's struggle against this uprising, emphasizing that the issue also has an international dimension and that it should be fought on an international scale. “Those who could not stop Turkey will now try to stop Turkey with PKK terrorism and other terrorist organizations. None of them will be able to." said.

Receiving our guests at the Presidential Complex later on, Mr. President, emphasizing the importance of the movement within the consciousness of the Ummah; He said, "I congratulate each and every one of you for this beautiful image, this picture of unity, that our brothers put forward in unity and solidarity in the organization of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World."

Stating that Turkey is under the common attack of terrorist organizations, which act with the same motives and have close relations with each other, even though they have different names, our President said that one of the issues he emphasized and regretted the most; He said that the Islamic world was unable to resolve the conflicts and problems within itself.

Pointing out that the terrorist attacks experienced accelerated the steps that Turkey will take regarding security, the President said, "Just as the July 15 issue has enabled us to cut out the cancer cells called FETO that have infiltrated our country and our nation, such actions accelerate our process of building a stronger security structure." he said.

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Our delegation had the opportunity to meet with the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mr. İsmail Kahraman, later in the day. After the speeches of thanks by the Secretary General Ali Kurt Bey and the Secretary General of the Muslim Scholars Union Ali Karadaği Hocaefendi, the President shared with the guests what happened on the ominous night of 15 July in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. He said that the parliament, which was not bombed even during the wars, was bombed seven times that night and was given the title of 'Gazi' for the second time.

After the meeting, the delegation toured the assembly and received information from the authorities about the bomb sites and that night.

The UNIW delegation then attended the dinner given in honor of the President of Religious Affairs. After the speeches of thanks during the visit at the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Prof. Dr. Professor Mehmet Gormez took the floor and thanked the delegation and said that this attack on Turkey was actually against the Ummah, but with the prayers of the believers, the attack was defeated.

In the second day program, our delegation visited the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) and the Turkish Religious Foundation, and exchanged views by getting information from our heads of institutions about the activities and programs.

In the evening, we participated in the opening program of the 13th International Youth Meeting organized by the Young UNIW at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Young UNIW President Şerif Sarıkaya made the opening speech of the meeting, which was honored by the Minister of Interior, Efkan Ala.

At the meeting, our Secretary General Ali Kurt informed the youth about UNIW and its mission. Afterwards, the Secretary General of the Union of Muslim Scholars Ali Karadaği Hocaefendi and our Minister of Interior Efkan Ala made very useful speeches to the youth.