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Ankara Culture and Education Foundation

Ankara Culture and Education Foundation

Short Introduction

The general objective of the foundation is to assist those who do not have the opportunity to have education and training at their primary, secondary and higher education levels. It is to empower such ındıvıduals with affirmative science on one side and whıle ıncorporatıng them with adequate knowledge, culture and spiritual values. The foundatıon belıeve that ıt ıs ın the public interest to extend the benefıts of all levels of education to those ın need and to prepare them for all kinds of possibilities by equipping them with national and moral values.


Ali Yuksel Kavustu

He was born in Corum in 1937. He completed his primary and secondary education in Corum. At an early age he was traıned in business life and later on took helm as the chairman of the company he founded. He has been involved in various non-governmental organizations. Being one of the founders of AK Party, he was a parliamentarian durıng 22nd sessıon and had also been a council member in Ankara Chamber of Commerce. Ali Yuksel Kavustu is married and a father of six children.

Member Information

Member ID: 34

Date and Place of Membership: 31 December 2005, Founding Member

Date and Place of Foundation: 1979, Ankara

Area of Activity: Education - Culture, Youth

Country: Turkey

President: Ali Yuksel Kavustu

Genel Bilgiler

Anittepe Neighborhood Kubilay Street No:6/A Tandogan, Ankara

+90 553 366 44 30