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Assalama Charity Association

Assalama Charity Association

Short Introduction
Assalama Charity Association was established in 2006 and works primarily to care for the injured and disabled people in Gaza, in accordance with international rehabilitation standards. The association provides services in 5 programs handled by expert and experienced staffs. These 5 programs are: health rehabilitation, psycho-social, vocational education, home adaptation and humanitarian assistance. It provides all services free of charge.

Dr. Muhammed Cum’atu Sanullah

Member Information

Member ID: 423

Date and Place of Membership: 11 January 2020, Turkey (27th Council)

Date and Place of Foundation: 2006, Palestine

Area of Activity: Health, Other

Country: Palestine

President: Dr. Muhammed Cum’atu Sanullah

Genel Bilgiler

Palestine, Gaza

+970 828 837 37