Islamic Social Welfare Organization

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Islamic Social Welfare Organization

Islamic Social Welfare Organization

Short Introduction
The association was established in 1990 in Sudan. The work of the association is concentrated in the region of Kesala. The association has three branches in Sudan and operates in education, humanitarian, religious and social areas.

– 6000 orphans, 420 needy families, 65 teachers and 70 Quran teachers had receive cash assistance
– Scholarship opportunity was provided to 1100 high school and university students
– 8 schools opened in Eritrean refugee camps
– 4 health centers opened
– Thousands of food parcels distributed

Abdülrahman Âdem

Member Information

Member ID: 306

Date and Place of Membership: 25 July 2015, İstanbul (19th Council)

Date and Place of Foundation: 1990, Sudan

Area of Activity: Education - Culture, Youth, Health, Humane Aid

Country: Sudan

President: Abdülrahman Âdem

Genel Bilgiler

السودان كسلا حي الكارا جوار رئاسة البساتين

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