Izmir Association of Education Science Culture and Solidarity

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Izmir Association of Education Science Culture and Solidarity

Izmir Association of Education Science Culture and Solidarity

Short Introduction
İzmir İlya Association was established to; paying attention to material and moral values, supporting all those who wish to contribute in the support of persecuted persons from whom their basic rights and freedoms were taken away, our principle is to work on that there is no difference and no distinction between people and to ensure that all people live in peace, security and a free world, caring for and protecting human faith, history, culture and civilization and to contribute in the equipping and training of knowledgeable, educated, cultured, equipped and moral individuals.

Water well reservoir
Organizing Qurban
Goat milk
Teaching of Quran and Arabic language

Hasan Gultekin
He was born in Sanliurfa in 1976. He graduated from the Faculty of Map Engineering. He did cartography for a while. He is now active in real estate business. He received a certified training as a guider. Gultekin has been the chairman of the board of directors of İzmir Science Education Culture and Solidarity Association since 2018. He is married and has four children.


Member Information

Member ID: 418

Date and Place of Membership: 11 January 2020, Turkey (27th Council)

Date and Place of Foundation: 2018, Izmir

Area of Activity: Education - Culture, Youth, Law and Human Rights, Notificaion and Invitation, Humane Aid

Country: Turkey

President: Hasan Gultekin

Genel Bilgiler

Sair Esref Bulvari Omer Han No:30/301 Konak, Izmir

+90 232 489 96 34