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Short Introduction
Founded in 2010 with the inspiration to seek for Allah’s blessing, in respect to the charity culture of our ancestors as we enliven the message, “Protect the hand that gives charity, from pride and hypocrisy”, this is the message Sadakatasi Association bring to the broadest sense of our society. Moving with the awareness of universal friendship and brotherhood, the Sadakatasi Association aims to be with those who live an honorable life. Sadakatasi Association considers to mission of preserving the past to the present day, while trying to bring these valuable services out to the forgotten places of the needy people are in accordance with today’s need.

Periodic sacrifice and Ramadan activities
Permanent projects in countries
Emergency Aids
War on cataract disease in Africa
Training support projects

Kemal Ozdal
Kemal Ozdal was born in April 25, 1974. An alumni of Uskudar Imam Hatip High School and have advanced level of Arabic and intermediate level of English. Appointed in 2010, Sadakatasi is the current president of the association. He is married with two children.


Member Information

Member ID: 315

Date and Place of Membership: 25 July 2015, Turkiye (19th Council)

Date and Place of Foundation: 2010, Istanbul

Area of Activity: Education - Culture, Youth, Health, Humane Aid

Country: Turkey

President: Kemal Ozdal

Genel Bilgiler

Kisikli Neighborhood Ferah Street No:6/B Uskudar, Istanbul

+90 216 614 04 61