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Yemen International Development Agency

Yemen International Development Agency

Short Introduction
An international organization that works on coordinating and integrating efforts for the development of Yemen and empowerment of Yemenis in cooperation with the network of donors, local institutions, international and regional organizations, through the implementation of development projects and programs in line with the requirements and pledges of donors and development partners. The best international broker for development partners in Yemen. Connecting strategic goals into workable areas. The goal: improving opportunities for Yemeni communities to receive public education and health care services, developing social development programs, rehabilitation and capacity-building programs for every level of society, expanding the international cooperation network, financing projects and programs, and finally international events for Yemeni communities at overseas.

Food distribution
Breakfast program
Water supply project
Qurban program

Dr. Mugahed Ali Mohammed Margan

Member Information

Member ID: 416

Date and Place of Membership: 11 January 2020, Turkiye (27th Council)

Date and Place of Foundation: 2018, Istanbul

Area of Activity: Education - Culture, Female Family, Law and Human Rights, Health, Humane Aid, Other

Country: Turkey

President: Dr. Mugahed Ali Mohammed Margan

Genel Bilgiler

Merkez Neighborhood Resitpasa Street No:55/106 Altintas Is Center Avcilar, Istanbul

+90 555 025 55 11