Youth Stability Projects Organization

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Youth Stability Projects Organization

Youth Stability Projects Organization

Short Introduction
The association was founded in 2004. The purpose of the association is to bring Sudanese young people together, listen to their opinions about the problems of the country and contribute through their small projects.

Approximately 48,000 people benefited from training programs
2 research centers opened
Contributed to 1500 small projects
Meetings and workshops were held

Dr. Mustafa Ahmet

Member Information

Member ID: 206

Date and Place of Membership: 20 November 2011, Turkiye (13rd Council)

Date and Place of Foundation: 2004, Sudan

Area of Activity: Youth, Humane Aid

Country: Sudan

President: Dr. Mustafa Ahmet

Genel Bilgiler

Al Taif, Abeed Khatem St., Janub Sakr Kenana, Khartoum