UNIW Declaration About The Events During 24th April Armenian Deportation

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UNIW Declaration About The Events During 24th April Armenian Deportation

UNIW Declaration About The Events During 24th April Armenian Deportation

So-called Armenian genocide, which is sometimes manipulated by the press under the control of the international powers, is being planned to be brought on the agenda once more because of 100th year of Armenian deportation on the pretext of the events a century ago.

We, as UNIW, do not accept the fact that the same powers label the Ottoman Caliphate, which had provided people with living peacefully together in three continents for 6 centuries, and its follower the Republic of Turkey, as the ones that committed crimes against humanity, by disregarding real events in history only because of political reasons.

Armenian Deportation in 1915 is a decision that Ottoman state took naturally for defence against the occupation at that time. It should not be forgotten within the scope of the realities that every part of the Ottoman state was attacked by Western states in 1915 and they aimed to seize the control of the state.

Ottoman state which had to fight for defence in many fronts from Gallipoli, Palestine and Yemen to Caucasia, exhibited a unity of common destiny with people from different nations in its land in those painful days, and waged a defence war.

In this Turkish struggle to defend homeland, Armenian guerrillas that fought in collaboration with Russia in the Caucasia front attacked Muslims bloodthirstily with whom they had lived together for ages.

Because of betrayal of that community which Ottoman State protected as its own people within the framework of neighbourhood relation for ages, their deportation from the Eastern Anatolia Region to Aleppo (Northern Syria) that was, at that time, under the Ottoman rule, became a must.

It should be taken into consideration that deportation was decided as a result of the fact that Ottoman state had to fight both with Western armies in fronts outer from Anatolia and their collaborators in Anatolia, and during deportation, involuntary pains and loses rose because of martial conditions.

Ottoman state that is labelled as committing crimes against humanity, did not intervene with Armenians’ language and religion for 3-4 ages, and provided them with maximum autonomy within its system of values.

Despite those realities, accusing Ottoman state and its political follower Republic of Turkey, is against historical realities and values of conscience.

Turkey stated that 1915 Armenian Deportation passed and does not exist any longer, and expressed its sorrow for Armenians despite all their tyrannies, and finally offered that all related archives would be reviewed as an self-confident attitude by relying on the data it has in terms of wrongness of so-called Armenian genocide, and historians would handle that issue instead of others unrelated to discipline of history.

We, as UNIW, underline that taking any decision about a historical matter under the rule of political lobbies means distorting historical facts and manipulating them for political benefits.

So, we stand against all legal decisions and expressions of genocide, and state that reasoning of an historical event must be performed under the rules of discipline of history.

We call upon the West and the Armenian government, which avoid evaluating the pains during deportation in 1915 under the light of the realities of that period, firstly to account for millions of people that were massacred during World War I for the sake of their political benefits.

Armenian government that massacred people bloodthirstily in Xocali in the near past cannot accuse a state whose past is full of examples of protecting the oppressed.

Muslims and Jews in Andalus in 1492 fled from Spanish massacres to the Ottoman land. Under the light of that all data aforementioned, we call upon all members to stand against that accuse of Turkey for so-called genocide and support it.

In this context, it is important to hang Turkish flags in NGO offices and as in many houses as they can, and support the campaigns against that manipulated accuse.

We demand you not to avoid support in related matters.

UNIW Secretary General

Atty. Ali KURT